Period Types and Occurrences

Period Types

The Period Types are essential part of Schedule and currently these Period Types are supported:


The Schedule will run every day.


The Schedule will run every week.


The Schedule will run every month.


The Schedule will run quarterly or every three months.


A custom form and to date for a one-off search. The customDateFrom and customDateTo dates must be set to cover a period prior to the Schedule’s startDate.


The Occurrences are part of Period Types describing the type of occurrence on specific Period Type. Occurrences are triggered by the Schedule’s startDate.

Currently supported Occurrences are:


Used only for Custom Period Type since it will always have only one occurrence.


Will occur infinitely.

Number Of Times

Will occur for the specified number of times described through number declared Schedule’s occurrenceTimesNumber property.

Until End Date

Will occur until some specified Schedule’s endDate that is higher or equal of startDate.

Period Types and Occurrences Combinations

The combination of Period Types and the supported Occurrences for Period Type.

Period Occurrence None Infinite Number Of Times Until End Date

Period Types and Occurrences with Required [Schedule](/v1/schedule) Model Properties

The table of Occurrences with valid Period Types and required Schedule model properties. Check mark denotes required Schedule model property for Period Type Occurrence.

Occurrences Period Type(s) occurrenceTimesNumber endDate customDateFrom customDateTo
    Schedule Model Properties
None Custom    
Infinite Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly        
Number Of Times Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly      
Until End Date Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly      


Beware that the API will raise an exception when not needed property is sent for some combination of Period Type and Occurrence. Eg. if for Daily Period Type as Infinite Occurrence is sent not needed endDate property, this will raise an exception with message: “Daily period type of Infinite occurrence type cannot have an end date assigned to it!”.